Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three major Incidents in "Tuesdays with Morrie"

There are a few major incidents throughout the novel In the second chapter, Mitch is in college and it is his graduation day. Morrie was one of his professors. After the first time Morrie taught him, Mitch took every single class Morrie taught. Mitch is explaining him and his old professor saying goodbye. He handed Morrie a tan briefcase as a gift. Morrie hugs Mitch and asks him to keep in touch, and Mitch answers, “Of course.” When Mitch steps back, he sees Morrie crying. This is important because it lets the reader know the type of relationship between the two men is more than just a teacher-student one, which really sets the tone for the book. 

Jumping far forward, the next important incident is when Morrie dies. Mitch describes them saying goodbye to each other. It happened on their fourteenth Tuesday together. It is an extremely emotional chapter. Mitch tells Morrie, “I don’t know how to say good-bye.” But Morrie just moves Mitch’s hand closer to his chest, begins to cry, and replies, “This is how we say good-bye.” “Okay then?” Mitch says. “Okay then,” Morrie whispered. This was the most moving part of the book and definitely a tear-jerker moment. 

The final and most important incident took place during Morrie’s funeral. Mitch says, “At one point, when Morrie’s ashes were placed into the ground, I glanced around the cemetery. Morrie was right. It was indeed a lovely spot, trees, and grass and a sloping hill.” He remembered what Morrie said, “You talk, I’ll listen.”  Mitch then found himself trying it in his head, and he found that the imaginary conversation was almost natural. He then realized, it was Tuesday. This moment brought an immense amount of meaning to the book. It was a way of ending the book by saying everything was going to be alright

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