Monday, February 27, 2012

"Life As We Knew It" Book Evaluation

1.  Identify a position (5)
2.  Explain your criteria, application, reasoning for your position with quoted evidence as support. Please indicate the page number of your quote in parenthesis following the quote. (10)
3.  Explain the position of the opposition and provide counterargument.  (10)

             After reading Susan Pfeffer's "Life As We Knew It," I instantly felt different. My favorite types of books are usually action- packed mysteries with an immense suspense factor, so I didn't typically think I'd enjoy a book about an apocalypse occurring. However, I was completely wrong. I recommend "Life As We Knew It" because it's entertaining and hard to put down. It also taught me a life lesson.

           I honestly felt as if I were living through the apocalypse with Miranda, the main character, and her family. I had to look outside and remind myself a few times that my world was still completely fine. At times when Miranda's family is starving and cutting back on food, I even started feeling guilty snacking on pretzels while reading. Susan Pfeffer's story- telling had a way of making me think of things that could happen if an apocalypse actually did occur. Something as simple as a wood-stove that many of us would take for granted kept the family from freezing to death.    

          The main reason I liked the book was because it taught me a life lesson. All of us go through our days nonchalantly and never notice how good we have it. Sometimes, it it easy to forget that we have electricity, food, and a stable roof over our heads. Since we've been accustomed to having all these things our whole lives, it's hard to know what life would be like without them. In the book, people all over the world face starvation, horrible diseases, and unimaginable natural disasters. However, Miranda and her family still manage to stay positive throughout it all, even when times get super tough. Towards the end of the book, Miranda's mom says “it wouldn't be New Year's without a resolution. I've resolved to take a moment every day for the rest of my life to appreciate what I have." (page 294) This is a good life lesson that made me enjoy the book much more.

        Some may say the book was too bland. However, they are wrong because it is an eye-opening disaster tale that always kept me on my toes. Although it doesn't have much imagery and go into great detail explaining events, the story line makes up for it. Its fun and exciting and really brings you in the book with the characters. Ultimately, this book is a must- read.